From the principal

(Principal’s Diary April 11, 2014)

In this school year, our school had been certified as a Super Global High School (hereafter using the SGH, the abbreviation of it), which I reported to students yesterday at the opening ceremony of this school year and have distributed a letter to each home.

In January of this year, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) publicly announced to start the “Super Global High School (SGH) Program”, in which schools aim to foster globalized leaders, and MEXT started recruiting schools. Since the contents of the program align with the mission of our school, we applied to it. Based on the studies of “28 project” we have been building in the past, we described how our school would utilize the SGH program as an opportunity to expand the “28 project”. Consequently, our school got certified on 14th of March.

Taking this opportunity, we intend to develop our educational activities further under the goal of fostering women who contribute to society, which is a goal we inherited since the establishment of the school. Moreover, we are going to share the outcomes of the SGH study with other schools with the understanding that the SGH program is a g overnment initiative to improve the Japanese education system and the nation as a whole.

We profoundly appreciate each of our students who actively participates in “28 project”, as well as each of the parents, Shinagawa family members and e xternal supporters of our school, all of whom endorse our fearless attitudes to embrace these challenges even if we fail. With those, we could have such an opportunity.

The SGH project is to be held for 5 years from FY2014. We are going to start the SGH project studies and related activities in order.